OSR is a KontaktPlayer based string library, which fills the gap of individual , realistic samplebased string runs and energetic string lines. Orchestral String Runs has articulations you missed in every stringlibrary before. Complex stringorchestrations is now possible. We recorded thousands of samples for Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses in order to reach incredible realistic results.The industrys first RUNS BUILDER for Violins and CellosBasses. Create your individual runs out of thousands of temposynced runsfragments!RUNS TRANSITION PATCH playable smeared runs! based on legatotransitions and repetitions for ViolinsViolas.Hundreds of prerecorded, temposynced runsTemposynced looped figuresShortTrills Patch sfz Trills and measured temposynced Trills HSWSBig soundig basic articulations sustainpatches, staccatos with repetitionsMore than 50 professional musicians were involvedMore than 50 professional musicians were involvedOSR TempoScript synchronizeOSR to your hosttempo3 MicPositionsOSR supports the free KONTAKT PLAYER 4Specifications11,8 GB of samples compressed 6,7 GB24Bit 48KHz Patches16Bit 48KHz EcoPatchesWorks with Kontakt 4.

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